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    Do có một số người than phiền topic kia để quá nhiều video nên load chậm/tốn dung lượng, nên mọi người chuyển qua đăng vào đây và để video trong tag Spoiler.

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  4. "너무아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을"

    Memories that we will cherish as the part of our lives. Even though there were anger, hate, and resentment, it will be buried as the time passes. And there will be only good times to be remembered. The love will be buried as well as the hurt.

    Your feelings of loving are suppressed because of your overall suppression of emotions. To feel love again, you'll need to face your fears of what will happen when you access your anger. The problem with believing our fears, whether it’s on a subconscious or conscious level, is that the fears is always out of proportion with reality, but we have no way of knowing that unless we face what we’re afraid of.

    Cho tới mãi sau này... không ai dám hát lại những bài của chị Lam...

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    Enneagram 1

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